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New Pwc Report on Crypto Insolvency Captures the ICO Chaos

Accounting firm Pwc’s Hong Kong branch recently released a crypto insolvency report guiding crypto business owners on what to do “when things start to go wrong.” News.Bitcoin.com spoke to the crypto head of Pwc’s Asia operations, part of the team who released the report, on how he views the

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How Crypto Compliance Requests Strip User Privacy

Money transmitting services that enable users to switch from crypto to fiat are a valuable resource. There’s still a shortage of cryptocurrency off-ramps, and thus reliable services that offer a reasonable exchange rate are to be cherished. But the convenience that crypto debit cards and other crypto-fiat exchanging services

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South Africa Wants to Mandate Registration of Crypto Service Providers

A regulatory working group in South Africa, which includes the country’s central bank, has released a consultation paper on crypto assets this week. According to the document, all exchanges, wallet providers, Bitcoin ATMs and payment processors will have to register with the government in 2019.  Also Read: Bitpay Reports Processing

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