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Analysis: Will the Cryptocurrency Market’s Long Tail Trend Ever End?

The cryptocurrency market has its very own long tail trend that sees the majority of all value flow to BTC, with altcoins left to fight for the scraps. With a $60 billion market cap and a dominance of 53 percent, BTC has ruled the market since day one. As

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Markets Update: Crypto Analysts Remain Uncertain After 2019’s First Week of Trading

Since our last markets update, cryptocurrency markets consolidated within a tight range and have been less volatile over the last few days. The market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency economy has gained about $5.7 billion and a few of the top coins have seen some price jumps this week. Also

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Canada Encourages Cannabis Sector to Transact Discreetly

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has published a document advising Canadian citizens to use cash to conduct transactions pertaining to cannabis in order to protect personal information. In response to the guidance, Etoro market analyst Mati Greenspan has predicted the liberalization of Canada’s cannabis sector will

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