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Abkhazia Temporarily Shuts Down 15 Mining Farms

Authorities in Abkhazia have cut off 15 mining facilities from the territory’s electrical grid. The short-term measure is meant to alleviate power shortages during the cold winter months. The operators of the farms have fully cooperated with the local electric utility. Also read: Two Mining Companies Among Georgia’s Major

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Two Mining Companies Among Georgia’s Major Electricity Consumers

Two companies mining cryptocurrencies have topped a list of the largest consumers of electricity in Georgia. In this crypto-friendly nation, however, that’s not necessarily a sin or a disadvantage. Energy-intensive enterprises in the Caucasian country purchase the power they need at wholesale prices. Also read: Huobi and Major Russian

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The Daily: Belgium Blacklists More Crypto Platforms, UAE Prepares ICO Regulations

In this edition of The Daily, Belgium’s financial regulator has expanded its list of fraudulent platforms offering cryptocurrency investments, while UAE has announced it’s working on new ICO regulations. We also look at the plans for a common digital currency in the Eurasian Economic Union and Abkhazia’s intentions to

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